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Thank Full

    It's my favorite time of year…. Football is here… the change of the weather…. the holidays are approaching… and we all get together with family and friends to set aside time to be thankful for our blessings.

    I love Thanksgiving time. I have great memories of Thanksgiving with my family growing up. My fondest memories are being at grandmas house. We would walk in and the smell of turkey would fill our nostrils. Usually a football game would be playing on the T. V. It seems we ate until we almost burst. Then on to naps, games and some touch football in the back yard. 

The Ice Man Cometh

The Ice Man Cometh…. Is that a play? And if so….. what is this play about? Death? Or maybe a huge snowman that comes to town and destroys all of Christmas? I am not sure but what I do know is winter is coming to our town. Unfortunately, Oklahoma City drivers do not have enough experience on driving on ice and snow. I have researched some driving tips and will place them here for your viewing pleasure. Hopefully, this will help you and me drive this winter with a little less stress and a bit more patience. Ready? Here we go….

Do I Really Need Uninsured Motorists Insurance?

    We're number one!

Unfortunately Oklahoma ranks first in the percentage of drivers on the road that do not have auto insurance. Oklahoma’s percentage of drivers without insurance is 26%. The average for the U. S. is estimated at 1 in 8 motorists or less than 13%. So, as you can see, Oklahoma not only ranks first but doubles the United States’ average. Why? Good question and one that deserves an answer (although let me warn you… you will not like the answer(s). 

You Finally Got Your Insurance Check After Your Wreck... Now What?

You finally got your insurance check after your wreck…. Now what?


    Yippee! Awesome! YAHOO!! Terrific! Good news!! 

You finally received the insurance check after you wrecked your car, now you can finally go on that well deserved vacation correct? Not so fast lil buck a roo. There could be stipulations to the check. I am sorry to bring the bad news but keep reading to find out what you need to know. 

    Here are your options- 


  1. If you own your vehicle and do not have a bank payment or lease payment-


Do you have to use the Body Shop the Insurance Companies Recommends?

Blog 9/18/17    Do you have to use the Body Shop the Insurance Companies Recommends ?


        There are 245 Body Shops listed on YELP for the state of Oklahoma. There are over one million vehicles registered in the state of Oklahoma. There are about 18,000 crashes per year in Oklahoma City alone. With all these statistics how do you know what Body Shop to pick when/if you become one of the stats? Does your insurance adjuster know best what is best for you? Can you pick any body shop you want? 

What to Look for When Choosing a Full Service Body Shop

With advanced technology in most collision repair centers today, it is possible to match almost any paint color for a vehicle. Even with cars with custom paint jobs, a color match is possible. Many times you can leave with your vehicle looking better than it did when it first arrived. Matching the paint on your automobile can be done properly even if your current paint has faded or if your vehicle manufacturer has discontinued a particular color. Nobody will ever know your car had a scratch, dent or repair work done because the paint will be flawless.

A Look at Collision and Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

Unlike Liability Insurance, collision and comprehensive insurance coverage are not required by most states. Unless you took out a loan to purchase the vehicle (in which case you are usually required to carry both comprehensive and collision insurance), comprehensive and collision are options you may or may not currently have. Both types of automobile coverage are different in how and when they will protect your vehicle, so knowing what type of coverage you have and what your deductibles are will give you peace of mind in the event of an accident.