Do I Really Need Uninsured Motorists Insurance?

Thu, 10/12/2017 - 4:33pm

    We're number one!

Unfortunately Oklahoma ranks first in the percentage of drivers on the road that do not have auto insurance. Oklahoma’s percentage of drivers without insurance is 26%. The average for the U. S. is estimated at 1 in 8 motorists or less than 13%. So, as you can see, Oklahoma not only ranks first but doubles the United States’ average. Why? Good question and one that deserves an answer (although let me warn you… you will not like the answer(s). 

One personal injury attorney stated it best when he said that sharing the road with uninsured motorists is simply a reality of being on the road. Lawmakers in some states are pursuing legislation that would minimize the number of uninsured motorists. Other advocacy groups are rallying to try and make insurance more affordable. Which brings me to the next answer…   A spokesman for the Consumer Federation of America stated that poverty is the biggest reason of high numbers of uninsured motorists. Paraphrasing, he said that people who are uninsured are because they simply cannot afford to buy the insurance. 

Oklahoma does not stand alone in the uninsured waters. For example, California has over 4 million uninsured, Texas almost 2 million and Florida a little over 3 million. Are there any solutions? Another good question….Texas has been one of the most aggressive states in minimizing uninsured numbers. The Texas database connects every registered vehicle by its license plate, vehicle identification number and insurance policy. This is then followed up by actually enforcing the law. Other states have introduced legislation to have in place license plate readers which track driver’s movements for insurance purposes. The argument or concerns against this is the lack of privacy. However, new legislation that leads to punishment still does not address the poverty issue. In my opinion, the answer to getting less uninsured motorists on the road is helping those in poverty find affordable vehicle insurance. California has come up with a low cost auto insurance program NOT subsidized by taxpayers or other drivers. This decreases the uninsured motorists and allows those who are financially struggling to be law abiding citizens and keep other insured motorists protected. 

Have you noticed I have not yet answered the question if you need uninsured coverage? Thank you for noticing. Here are your answer(s). 

Scenarios where having uninsured motorists would be of value 

  1. Hit - and - run accident 
  2. If your vehicle is worth more than the coverage of the insured that hit you 
  3. If there are injuries involved and the other driver was uninsured 

I realize this is a lot of information. My advice would be to discuss your auto insurance needs with the insurance agency of your choice to determine what insurance is best for you. In the meantime, the “experts” highly recommend getting uninsured motorists coverage to best protect you and your family.