Thank Full

Fri, 11/17/2017 - 1:20pm

    It's my favorite time of year…. Football is here… the change of the weather…. the holidays are approaching… and we all get together with family and friends to set aside time to be thankful for our blessings.

    I love Thanksgiving time. I have great memories of Thanksgiving with my family growing up. My fondest memories are being at grandmas house. We would walk in and the smell of turkey would fill our nostrils. Usually a football game would be playing on the T. V. It seems we ate until we almost burst. Then on to naps, games and some touch football in the back yard. 

    However… my favorite all time Thanksgiving was in 1972. My family went to Kansas City to visit my uncle. This was back when Oklahoma played Nebraska during Thanksgiving weekend usually for the Big 8 championship. Nebraska beat OU in 1971 in Norman in what is now affectionately named The Game of the Century. OU was looking to spoil Nebraska’s bid for back to back Big 8 champions. However, Nebraska built a 14-0 lead late into the 3rd quarter. OU finally got a break and recovered a fumble. They punched it in to be down 14-7. My dad immediately jumped up and cheered! This was normal behavior from my dad, but unfortunately my uncle’s dog (named Willie) did not know this. Willie (coolest name for a dog ever) became startled and bit my dad right on the bottom! My dad yelped… Willie began to bark and we all laughed. Needless to say, my dad did not move for the rest of the game! This was exceptionally difficult due to Oklahoma came back to win 17-14. Still… my dad stayed in his chair. 

    Do you have fond Thanksgiving memories? I hope you do. I am aware that Thanksgiving or the holidays can be painful for some people. I just hope ( and pray) that everyone can at least for a moment be Full of Thanks or Thank Full this season. I always try to remember that there is someone who has more needs then me and that I've been blessed beyond what I deserve. 

    So, on that note… Dent Systems Body Shop would like to thank each one of you for your trust in us to repair your vehicle. We very much love what we do and the service we provide our customers.