Automotive Mechanic vs. Body Shop Repairs... Is There a Difference?

Thu, 01/11/2018 - 12:17pm

Is there a difference in automotive mechanic and automotive body repairs? Some people might think this is a silly question. However, it does seem important enough to decipher between the two. 

Let’s begin with mechanics... what do they do? When your vehicle needs engine work, brakes, transmission or any mechanical system repairs then you will need to take it to a mechanic. Other examples of need for a mechanic would be when your vehicle engine light comes on or noises from under the hood that aren’t normal. For anything that has to do with the vehicle appearance you will need to choose the automotive body shop. 


The automotive body shop will repair your vehicle after you have been in a wreck. Body shops have the tools and knowledge necessary to restore the vehicle back in the condition it was prior to the wreck. Not only that, but body shop repairs are also in the business of assuring your vehicle will be repaired correctly and safely to the standards of the vehicle make qualifications. The auto body mechanic is not just about replacing parts but also about investigating to make sure there is no hidden damage. The body shop is always going to take the whole picture of your vehicle. Even in the smallest fender bender accidents there could be underlying damage. The body shop mechanic wants your vehicle to not only look good but drive the way it did before the fender bender happened. It does not take the sharpest eyes to notice a crack in the bumper or  a dent in the side of the door. Another expertise the body shop mechanic has is being able to match The vehicles paint and paint it properly. A well equipped body shop has a state of the art paint station. The reason this is important is to keep dust particles out of your vehicles paint. Painting inside a will equipped paint booth will help keep your vehicles paint from peeling off. The automotive mechanic does not have the equipment license or time to perform the steps necessary to paint your vehicle. The steps include proper alignment, sanding, cleaning, and masking off the vehicle to prevent overspray.


This is not about who’s better at your job. Automotive mechanics have great expertise for their position. They are your go to professional when it comes to engine repair. However, comes to your cosmetic, or alignment of your bumper, or repairing dings and dents after a collision , always go to your favorite body shop.